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Fairytale Fun at Castell Henllys

You know when you take part in an organised children’s activity? And it is just so good and it makes you (and the children) so happy? And the organisers just get “it” and children so much? And it only costs a couple of pounds but you would happily have paid 10x more for what you… Continue reading Fairytale Fun at Castell Henllys

Sensory Play · Small World Play · Throwback Thursday

Seaside Small World

Whilst doing our seaside/under-the-sea crafts and play this week I was reminded of a small‑world scene that I set up in the tuff spot some time ago now. I had originally made some yellow sensory rice for playing with (as I have mentioned before, when I make coloured rice, I simply add food colouring to… Continue reading Seaside Small World