Chocolate and wine and I’ll be fine…

Well, I have finally gone and done it! 4 years after my first utterance of, “I really want to start a blog”, I have actually started a blog. I am not really sure why it has taken this long, especially as I have been writing posts for quite some time (I just haven’t published them to the internet), it just has; at least no one can say that I rush into things!

I have been an avid blog reader since before my first child was born and I have been inspired by so many of the posts and stories that I have read. The mummy years go so fast (even if it doesn’t feel like it most days when I am watching the clock hoping that this rubbish game that we have been playing for 5 days straight, that I still don’t really understand in the slightest, or at least am being told that I don’t by little people who are a fraction of my age, might end at some point this year). It already makes me feel sad to think that I can’t remember every little detail of my children’s lives to date; particularly my boy’s. My children have such a small age gap that when the boy, E, was born, we were in the throes of the early toddler years with the girl, A, and all the joy (by which I mean pain and suffering) that that brings; A was, and still is, so demanding, and E so completely the opposite that he never required a great deal of attention. It is only when I look back at home videos from the last couple of years that I realise how much I have forgotten and wish I had written down at the time; so, although a little late, I am determined to start now. This blog will be my own little diary about my own little family, detailing our adventures and activities in and around the area that we live in South East London, on a very limited budget. It will also be an insight into our lives and thoughts in general: the good and the bad!

And the name? That has evolved over the years! As I like to write about life on a budget (and by a ‘budget’ I mean, ‘the closer to actually being free the better’), and our surname is ‘Free’ I played around with various puns; however, in the end, I didn’t really want to use my name so publicly, so I have gone with my catchphrase!

I like good wine and I like good chocolate. I do believe that chocolate, in particular, can solve most problems, and I can often be found with my head in the fridge stuffing my face with it in the hope that the children will JUST. STOP. FIGHTING. FOR. FIVE. MINUTES! It doesn’t work, ever, but I get a few moments of peace and feel able to face them afterwards. ‘Chocolate and wine and I’ll be fine’ is often my response to my husband when he comes home from work and asks me if I am ok and if I had a good day (why do they have to do that?), and so it seemed an appropriate name for my blog, my little space just for me and my thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate and wine and I’ll be fine…

  1. Great first post Sam! And I completely agree, chocolate is one of lives great savers and as soon as this second baby is out I shall be joining you on the wine front too! Big kiss to A&E, and obviously to you and D too xx


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