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Emmetts Garden in May

Today ended up being a really rather lovely day, despite the rubbish weather forecast, and I am so glad we made the most of it. With showers expected in the afternoon we headed out early for some fresh air before the rain. As we didn’t want to go too far we headed to Emmetts Garden as it is the perfect place to go whatever the weather, providing you dress accordingly! We were very lucky with the weather today though; the predicted showers only really began as we were heading back to the car, and we even had some sunny intervals early on.

I love Emmetts Garden as there is so much to do, and have written about it before in more detail (see here). Here is a glimpse of what we got up to today:

Dressing up:


Risk taking, balancing, climbing, jumping, scrambling:

Den building, team-working, sharing, selecting, lifting, carrying, placing:

Sheltering, playing, hiding and seeking:

Creating, gathering, collecting, feeling:



Discovering, bug hunting – spiders, moths, ants, beetles, bees:

Walking, running, resting:

Lots and lots of posing:

Learning names of plants and flowers – daisies, buttercups, bluebells, dandelions, primroses, forget-me-nots, rhododendrons, wisteria, azaleas.

Learning colours – pink, yellow, orange, white, purple, green, blue:

Admiring rainbows of exotic colour:

Observing the changing seasons – banks that just weeks ago were carpeted with bluebells had now returned to the wild:

Emmetts Garden – a beautiful combination of wonderfully wild woodland and meticulously maintained garden!

8 thoughts on “Emmetts Garden in May

  1. What a lovely place to go and explore. The colours in the trees and bushes are stunning, late May has all the best flowers in my opinion. We are left with lots of fallen petals here at Coombe Mill now. I love to see children making the most of nature and using natural features for play like tree climbing and den building. It inspires so much more creativity and imagination than modern play equipment.

    Thank you for sharing your garden visit with me on #CountryKids


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