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Decorating Shells

After finishing our tropical fish the other day we did even more painting; this time with shells.

As we have just returned from two seaside holidays we have amassed a fair number of shells. I am never really sure what to do with shells when we get home; we never get round to making anything with them, though they have so much potential if you have time and patience (which I don’t, and my children certainly don’t), there is only limited space in our house for sensory play materials, and it is running out, and we have practically no room whatsoever for anything vaguely decorative. But I can’t bring myself to throw them away. So we did something really fun and simple and just painted a few instead to add to our creation at the end of the week!

I set out a few paints and brushes, as well as a selection of shells, and let A and E loose!


They were both engaged with this right from the start.

Even E enjoyed this (there was much less risk of his hands getting dirty).

Admittedly, they rapidly went through the shells, so it wasn’t the longest-lasting activity in the world; however, it did add an extra sensory element to our day of painting, and it did provide something for E to engage with as well as A, so it was definitely a success.

We left them to dry for a couple of days…


…and then today we finished them off by adding a small amount of glue and sprinkling glitter on top. Because, you know, everything looks better with added glitter!

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