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We Flew a Kite!

My lovely mother-in-law bought A and E a kite to play with while we were on holiday a few weeks ago. Flying a kite is something they had never done before and they were very excited! Having never actually flown a kite before myself either, I think I was as keen to use it as them, and what better place to fly it than the British seaside? It’s always windy at the seaside, isn’t it?

We headed out on a couple of very windy evenings with the kite in hand and ready to go. However, when we arrived at the beach, the wind came to an abrupt stop; this kite clearly did want to be flown. Suffice to say we failed to fly it in both Norfolk and Pembrokeshire, but we did see some absolutely glorious sunsets instead!

Last weekend we visited family in Yorkshire, and on Sunday afternoon we decided to try again. We went out to Beverley Westwood to have a go, and this time we succeeded!

It was such a lovely afternoon, and the perfect amount of wind meant that we made kite flying look easy peasy – even I managed it!




I am linking this post with #CountryKids from Coombe Mill:

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

14 thoughts on “We Flew a Kite!

  1. Oh this looks like such fun!! And no wind at the beach? Go figure, but I’m glad you were able the third time 🙂 (Also this reminds me that my grandma gave my kids some kites that were promised to be flown, but as of yet has not happened, must get that in soon! #countrykids


  2. You really had that one flying high in the sky. Not that easy to do so well done on a first try. Funny how the wind vanishes just when you want it, typical. At least in the UK you know it is only time till your windy day comes along! We made and few kites in the wind last week, I must say our design had a few flaws as it didn’t really take off that well!

    Thank you for sharing your lovely kite flying success on #CountryKids


  3. Sounds like you have been visiting some lovely places recently 🙂 glad you managed to get the right weather to fly your kite, looks like you all did a great job! I can imagine your children would have really enjoyed it! I must get my girls a kite, to be honest I don’t remember every doing it myself so will have to put it on our to do list 🙂 Lovely photos, thanks for the idea too! #countrykids


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