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Apple Picking!

I am not the type of person who writes regular bucket lists (mainly because I try not to give myself more work than I already have), but one of the things that I desperately wanted to do this autumn was to go apple picking in an orchard. I have a bit of a love affair with this season; I adore everything about it, and for some reason apple picking was one of the most autumny activities I could think of (and also one that I had never done before but have wanted to for a number of years)! So yesterday, for my birthday treat (yes, birthdays don’t get much better than this), we headed off to a fruit farm.

We went to Broomfield Fruit Farm in Meopham, Kent, on the recommendation of a friend (about a 25-minute drive from Chislehurst).

We arrived mid-afternoon and we were the only people there (I was surprised really. I expected there to be loads of people desperate to pick apples on a rainy Monday in September. No? Just me? Ok then…). We parked up and the lovely farmer came over to ask if we were there to pick apples; I think he thought we were lost. After confirming that we were in fact there to pick apples, he brought us some bags and explained the layout of the orchards. He told us which apples were ready for picking and invited us to try a few as we went along. And with this we set off!

We started with the “cooking” apples, and once we had enough for a couple of crumbles we moved onto the “eating” apples. It ended up being the perfect activity for A and E. So many of the apples were at their height:

They were easy to pick (if ripe, the apple will simply fall from the tree with little effort):

And they loved being able to taste as they went along (it was definitely a very healthy activity):

I was amazed at the large variety of apples available (including Bramley, Discovery, Laxton Fortune, Worcester Permain, St Edmunds Pippin, Cox, Early Windsor, Jupiter, Laxton Superb, Spartan, Sunset and Kent – more than I had ever heard of), as well as the varying shapes, sizes, colours and tastes! There was one variety (the name of which I cannot for the life of me remember) that looked like plums – they were so small and red; these were definitely A and E’s favourites, and they were perfect for tiny hands!

I think that fruit picking is such an important part of childhood. Not only is it fun to pick your own fruit, and very healthy, but it is so important for children to learn where their food actually comes from. And there is no better way to teach them that than to actually show them, and let them do it for themselves!

Despite the rain, the whole experience was just wonderful. The hardest part was trying not to pick too many!

We ended up with three full bags. At £1.10 per kg these were an absolute bargain and I am wondering how many more visits I can squeeze in before the end of the apple season!

 Now I just need to work out what to do with all these apples! Lots of baking and painting methinks!

What are your favourite autumn activities?

Two Tiny Hands
Hot Pink Wellingtons

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


52 thoughts on “Apple Picking!

  1. You know I don’t think I have ever been apple picking! Strawberry and blackberry but never apple. I bet it’s a great activity for the kids and they love it, I know mind would. Also you can’t beat a crumble or stewed Apple, with a little bit of sugar mmmm yummy! Thanks for sharing at #familyfun. Hope to see you again next week xx


  2. What a lovely idea. Why don’t you try growing some trees from the apples!? We did this about 3 years ago and have one left and it’s 3 foot now. It’s a slow grower! Looked like the kids had fun and what an experience for them to find out where their food comes from. Thanks for linking up to #familyfun


  3. Wow, that’s an amazing price! I always find with strawberry and raspberry picking you end up paying as much as in the supermarket anyway, but this is more like it! I’d definitely be going for a crumble myself – if there are any blackberries still around to go in it, so much the better! Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove


  4. What a great activity to do with kids. We have a lovely pick your own farm near ours and this has reminded me that they have their pumpkins nearly ready!:)




  5. We live in an apple area. Everyone has apple trees. This time of year, you can’t give them away. Our trees produce enough to keep us in apple pies all year round. Saying that, I love the idea of going to someone else’s orchard to try different varieties. Your two look like they didn’t even notice the rain. Perfect. #CountryKids


  6. Happy Birthday, this definitely looks like a lovely way to spend it as a family. What a fab activity for you all too, I usually try and take the guests apple picking for activity hour around now, unfortunately the Coombe Mill Orchard’s not played ball this year so we’re lacking in apples. A and E look like they’re having a wonderful time trying all the apples as you pick them, I bet they didn’t want much for their tea.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  7. We haven’t done any apple-picking. Would love to do this, especially since looks like you guys had so much fun. We’ve done blackberry picking though, but would love to do this too 🙂 #countrykids


  8. Apple picking is so much fun and I love that there was such a variety to choose from. My in-laws have a few apple trees in their garden although they are too tall for my girls to be able to pick any of the apples. Having read your post, I’m quite tempted to pay a visit to our nearest PYO so that they can join in the fun. Looks like you had a lovely time 🙂 #countrykids


  9. We’ve also been apple picking for the first time this year, and like you, had an utterly fantastic time! I too, was amazed at how low the fruit grows and how toddler friendly an activity it is! This looks like a lovely orchard, and kudos to you for remembering the different apple varieties! #CountryKids


    1. I am so glad I am not the only one who has never done it before. It is amazing isn’t it? I did cheat though – I took photos of the apple varieties signs, and also checked the website (I had never heard of any except Cox and Bramley before so I would never have remembered them all)! Oo I am going to check your post out now!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow, those apples look amazing! Your children look like they’re really enjoying them. It’s something I haven’t ever done but picking our own fruit was on our summer bucket list and we never got around to doing it.



    1. They are quite obsessed with apples 🙂 Oh no! We missed blackberries and didn’t get round to strawberries this year either (it is amazing how short the seasons actually are when you are so busy) but apple picking was a top priority for me and it didn’t disappoint. I highly recommend it!


  11. Oooh I’d love to go apple picking too. Such a lovely activity for little ones and I love anything which teaches them about where things come from. Looks like A and E had a great time. You’ve inspired me to find out where we can apple pick locally, thanks! #countrykids


  12. I love this post! I love apples and picking them. I am yet to take my children as we haven’t found a farm close enough but what a great activity for your little ones to participate in. You can do so make from making chutneys and crumbles to painting and crafting. We used to make apple aliens which were like doughnuts with apples in. Must find that recipe again. Thank you very much for joining us on our first week of #ChasingNature If you are still having problems adding the badge please contact either me or Chasing Esme and we will help. Hope to see you back next week


  13. This looks like a great activity to do with children! I love fruit picking and I will definitely do it with my son as he gets older, I think it’s great for them to learn where fruit and veg comes from! #SharingTheBlogLove


  14. This looks fab, my eldest would absolutely love this and my mother-in-law would be very grateful, she makes an apple pie a week it seems! I’ll have to check it out, we live in Kent also so I’m glad I read this! x #sharingthebloglove


  15. What a lovely autumn day out! I love autumn too and apples are my little girls favourites at the moment, she even had a few bites out of a cooking apple a couple of weeks ago! would love to find an orchard nearby to go to instead of buying the usual supermarket varieties, the more apple crumble in our life the better! x


  16. I love autumn too. We’ve done acorn collecting, conker hunting, and blackberry picking so far this year. But I’ve never thought about doing apple picking. I’ll have to see if there’s anywhere near us that does it. I totally agree with you – it’s a great lesson for children to learn, and they enjoy doing it too #SharingTheBlogLove


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