Our September in Photos

I discovered Instagram earlier this year (late to the party I know, but nevermind) and have well and truly fallen in love with it. I find it a great way to record our daily ‘ordinary moments’; those moments that don’t warrant a blog post on their own but nevertheless are very special and I want to remember them. Together they create a photographic diary of our everyday lives.

I have stopped putting these sorts of photos on my personal Facebook page as I didn’t want to continue spamming everyone on a daily basis. But then I realised that most of my family members (including my husband) are not actually on Instagram; therefore, they miss most of the best moments. And, after all, the main reason I started this blog was to record our our moments in detail for those family members who live far away and don’t get to see A and E on a daily basis. So, I have decided to do a monthly round-up of our best Instagram moments. (My sincerest apologies to those of you who do in fact follow me on Instagram and are fed up of seeing these photos)!

Here is our September in squares!

We have been baking and building, avoiding the rain and walking the train.

We have been swinging and sleeping, running and eating.

We have been hand holding, cuddling, and getting along.

We have been tree climbing, hill rolling, and bubble blowing, conker hunting, leaf collecting, printing and painting.

We have played with ‘Andy’ and lost him, found him and lost him again!

We have enjoyed lots of sunshine and the first signs of Autumn.

And we can’t wait to see what October will bring!

Country Kids

19 thoughts on “Our September in Photos

  1. Instagram is great. I have a round up too (when I remember), for the family members who don’t have Instragram. I do find Instragram perfect for keeping in contact with some of my younger travelling relations too. So it works both ways. You’ve had a great September – inside and out. #CountryKids


  2. This is a lovely idea, I love that my blog keeps our family members who live further away a view into our life here on the farm. It looks like September was a fab month for you, you managed to squeeze so much into all these little squares and I’m sure there’s some exciting things that didn’t make it into the roundup too! It’s lovely to see the sibling bond between A and E. It’s fab to see you enjoyed so much outdoor fun over September.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  3. It looks like you have a wonderful September – what lovely photos. Tree climbing and bubbles! What more could you want! hehe #CountryKids


  4. Fab photos-what a busy month you’ve had! I love instagram and like you stopped using facebook as much so that I didn’t spam friends with photos of my children. Most of my family are coming around to the idea of instagram so they still get to see the children.



  5. I too started blogging for my family but it’s evolved to be blogging for other bloggers now.I need to go back to basics as I miss diary like blogging.It’s hard to keep a balance with Instagram photos.I’m going back to using Facebook albums as I have so photos hiding on Google photos account, most haven’t been seen.

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  6. I love Instagram and this is a gorgeous selection of photos. Love the one of your little one asleep on the little chairs and all the outdoor ones – especially your daughter up in the tree and the one with your two children on the spider swing. What a lovely way of looking back over the month 🙂 #countrykids


    1. Thank you! The sleeping one is my favourite too – it was so funny when he just fell asleep over the chair (after I’d tried to get him to sleep in a bed and on the sofa for close to 3 hours might I add – clearly I just don’t understand what makes him comfortable)!


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