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Firework Painting

We have spent a lot of time collecting conkers over the last few weeks. There are not many conker trees around Chislehurst (in fact we have only found three), but they were all very fruitful, and we pass two of them up to four times a day, so you can imagine what we have ended up with. We have had to stop every time we passed ‘just to check’. At one point the hunt got very serious:


Thankfully, all of the conkers now seem to have been collected as I don’t think our house could have taken anymore, and, despite the fact that I would not let A and E take every single one they saw every day, we have still ended up with quite a haul. So I have been wondering what to do with them all before I set them free once again.

The first activity I instantly thought of was conker painting (like marble painting, but using conkers instead). I thought about doing the painting with autumn colours, but then changed my mind and decide to paint onto black card instead to make the result look like fireworks (potentially; I had no idea whether this would work, or what the end result might be).

For this we used:

Black card, blue tack, conkers, a baking tray, and a range of paints, glitter and/or sequins (optional).


I used the blue tack to stick the card to the baking tray, and then added a few blobs of colourful paint around the card:


After this it was time to roll the conkers!

Initially I had thought that this might be quite a clean activity, but both children managed to make a little mess! E got a blob of paint on his finger (shock horror):


Though it may have had something to do with the fact that he preferred to roll the conkers with his fingers, rather than by tipping/shaking the tray:

And after a few goes, A preferred just to make a mess:

Once they had had enough of painting we sprinkled on a little glitter and some star sequins and left them to dry. I thought the results were wonderful (annoyingly the yellow paint dried almost white, but I think it still looks good):

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13 thoughts on “Firework Painting

  1. Oooh this looks great! We also have a large stash of conkers that I’m just not sure what to do with but these will be great. I think I might suggest it for our mums and tots craft next week.


  2. What a brilliant idea!
    Get kids out of the house for a few hours – Tick
    Get kids engaging with nature for a few hours – Tick
    Get kids doing something fun and creative for a few hours – Tick
    Have something unique and colourful to pin to the fridge – Tick

    May have to give this one a try! Thanks! #KCACOLS


  3. Oh what a fab idea! And it looks great! We have lots of conkers left so we are going to have to give this a go! #KCACOLS


  4. Wow this is fab. Such a good idea and the pictures turned out amazing. I will definitely be giving this a go.


  5. I love it when things turn out better than expected! These are awesome! I need to stock up on my card and paper colours! I will have to organise this very soon. I like the fact you were able to incorporate the outdoors into this too. I also can’t believe they wouldn’t get messy, lol! A very effective task. Thank you ever so much for linking up to #MessandPlay 🙂


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