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Messing About in the Garden

On Wednesday it rained properly for the first time in a very long time. I was struggling to know what to do with E while A was at preschool; all he wanted to do was go outside, but his wellies are just too holey for jumping in muddy puddles (I really must get him some new ones soon), so the park and woods were out of the question. In the end I just wrapped him up lots of jumpers, stuck his puddle suit and the remains of his wellies on him, and let him play in the garden, where there were fewer puddles!

I love how much he loves being outdoors, and how he finds it so easy to entertain himself (unlike his big sister, who needs attention every second of the day). So in the end I just sat and watched him play, fascinated by the way he worked. He gathered leaves for a long time (first using his hands, and then using the sweeping brush).


He dug in the mud (shhh, don’t tell daddy – the mud was swiftly returned to its rightful place).

He searched for minibeasts (though I don’t think he was particularly successful on this occasion)!

He tidied twigs and branches that had blown down from the trees.


And took chance to rest!


He had such a lovely time, so much so that when we had to go and pick up A a couple of hours later he made it very difficult to get out of the door.

You can’t win everything I suppose!

Country Kids

10 thoughts on “Messing About in the Garden

  1. What a fab way for E to spend a couple of hours outside, sometimes all they need is the garden and their imagination isn’t it? You can see by his face he’s clearly loving being outside, playing with the leaves and mud. I can see why he didn’t want to go to pick up A with a garden full of possibilities.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


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