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Chocolate Rudolph Bites

Today we made these simple little chocolate Rudolph bites!


For this we needed chocolate, flaked almonds, glacier cherries, silver balls and some fizzy cola straws.


I started by setting everything up (including halving the cherries, finding the best almonds, and trimming the fizzy cola straws) and then melting the chocolate. I also set up a baking tray with some grease-proof paper to work on.

To be fair, the set-up time was significantly longer than the making time, and A and E got very impatient; it was not helped by the fact that I ruined the first batch of chocolate – yes, I am so useless I can’t even melt chocolate successfully – so we had to wait until D came home with some more. But on a positive note, daddy got to join in…

When we finally had everything ready, we set to work. We added a dollop of chocolate to the paper, and then assembled the face (cherry for the nose, silver balls for the eyes, almonds for the ears and cola straws for the antlers). Finally we left them to set overnight. It was as simple as that!

A did a good job and managed to make them perfectly, though all she really wanted to do was eat the leftovers. And E decided to plonk as many of the items he could into a pile, as you do. But they had fun!

It was another perfectly simple little ‘baking’ activity for my two three, and I can’t wait to eat them tomorrow!



6 thoughts on “Chocolate Rudolph Bites

  1. I don’t bake, or cook, or really do anything but eat yummy food. It is for everyone’s safety! But these, these look like even I could make them (well with the help of the 2 year old) Thank you. #christmaslittlemakes


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