Christmas · Craft

Paper Baubles

While getting out our Christmas decorations this week, I stumbled upon a large number of used cards from last year (we keep them each Christmas to make present labels with the following year). As we never need every single one for labels, some end up getting wasted, I wondered if there were other ways we could re-use them; I really wanted to try something a bit different! So I decided to try making paper baubles.

To make these:

  1. Start by selecting a card and cutting the front part (the picture part) off.
  2. Next, cut it up into at least six strips of approximately equal width.
  3. Gather all of the strips together and punch a hole at each end.
  4. Attach all of the strips by placing a split pin in the holes at each end.
  5. Carefully spread/fan the strips out, by twisting them round the split pin, to create a bauble shape!
  6. Finally, if you wish to hang the bauble, tie a piece of of ribbon around one of the split pins.

This really is so simple and so effective!

Alternatively, any strips of paper and/or card could be used for this. But greetings cards really do work so well as they come in all shapes and sizes. And, with such a large variety of patterns, no two baubles will be the same!

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