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Our Boxing Day Walk

We had the most wonderful Christmas and New Year and I am still struggling to really get back into any sort of routine! It all went far too quickly, and I can’t believe it is over. I have been going through some of our photos (we took a lot) and was reminded of our Boxing Day walk at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne.

This year we hosted Christmas for the first time (how grown up are we?). When our children were born we decided that we wanted them to wake up at home every Christmas morning. However, the problem with living 200 miles from most of your family is that that means you end up spending the whole of Christmas Day alone, and then driving up north on Boxing Day. This was fine while A and E were really tiny and we didn’t want to interfere with anyone else’s Christmas, but now they are older I really wanted family around to share Christmas Day itself. As D and his sister (L) both live down here, we invited D’s parents over for Christmas, and it was perfect. We then drove to Eastbourne on Boxing Day to visit L and her husband (P).

While visiting L and P, we went to Birling Gap for a walk. Birling Gap is a gorgeous beach, and with the tide out large stretches of limestone rocks are revealed along the edge of the shore, making it look like you are walking on ice. A and E thought it actually was ice! We wanted to walk a bit further along the beach, but we found it difficult to move A and E from the rocks. There was just too much on offer in the way of exploration!

It was such a perfect day. By the time we got there, the sun was close to setting and it was absolutely freezing, but A and E didn’t care! E seems to be happy wherever there is water; he is becoming a big fan and I love seeing him enjoying it so much. He jumped over it, fell in it, and threw stones, whilst walking along the “ice”. A followed suit, and thoroughly enjoyed climbing and exploring. We didn’t stay too long as it was just too cold, not that A was bothered (she refused to wear a hat or gloves), but the rest of us needed to warm up! Here are some of my favourite photos from the lovely afternoon:


Country Kids

9 thoughts on “Our Boxing Day Walk

  1. What a beautiful place to explore, A and E look like they’re having a wonderful time playing on the beach. This is definitely the perfect place to go and burn off energy after a long drive to visit family, beautiful views for you and beach fun for the kids. It’s great that you managed to fit in seeing a lot of the family this year, it can be hard seeing everyone with the kids can’t it?

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  2. What a stunning beach and all those rocks to play on! No wonder they didn’t want to leave them. It’s always hard at Christmas when family are spread out but sounded like you had a good compromise this year!! #countrykids


  3. What a stunning place to explore and I love how much A and E are clearly enjoying their walk in your photos. The limestone does look like ice! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day with family too 🙂 #countrykids


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