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I am struggling with the cold at the moment; really struggling. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not enjoying this weather as much as I normally do, and I don’t know why; maybe it is the mundane routine of every day, or the fact that we are so busy I am unable to muster the energy for outdoor ramblings whenever we have a rare free afternoon? All I know is that when our winter Woodland Trust Nature Detectives passports arrived through our letterbox the other day, they could not have come at a better time.

A and E have been Nature Detectives for well over a year now, and I look forward to their seasonal activity packs arriving every few months (every season, in fact!). These contain some stickers, a newsletter (with extra challenges and information), and a booklet (passport) packed full of activity inspiration for the coming weeks. As A and E are currently in separate age brackets they receive different booklets and I really like this as it means we get lots of extra ideas; though the activities are predominantly the same, some are differentiated to make them easier for the littlest members, and some (particularly the craft activities) are actually different.

A large focus of this month’s issue seems to be sticks, and so obviously the activities began with a stick scavenger hunt. In this E (age 2) was challenged to find fat, knobbly, smooth, thin, long and short sticks, and A (age 3) was challenged to find smooth, hairy, short, curvy, deer antler-shaped, and moss- or lichen-covered sticks. We did pretty well over a couple of days, finding all but “hairy” sticks (but seriously, what exactly is a “hairy” stick?) A decided that the moss-covered sticks were all pretty hairy, and I was satisfied with that. We also collected a bag full of sticks to take home for some crafts this weekend.

I find that we do need a focus for walks at the moment, in order to engage the children (and by that I mean A), as well as myself. While E loves any opportunity to be outside and will make the most of it no matter what, A needs to have a purpose! And as stick collecting is one of her favourite things, this went down very well!


(You will notice that A is holding a cuddly toy in the majority of the photos; yes, we have the joy of joys that is the pre-school leopard for the duration of the weekend. This basically means that we have to “entertain” it so that she has something to talk about on Monday. She has taken her role very seriously so far: it has eaten every single meal with us, and is now lying in the doll’s cot with some milk. The poor doll, however, has been relegated to the floor).

Country Kids

21 thoughts on “Twigs!

  1. Awwwww love your photos, really capture the moment and the joy the kids were having. I hope the school leopard had as much find as the kids! My almost 3 year old loves picking up sticks on a walk. We always return home with 10-20 for our “collection” #CountryKids

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    1. Thank you! The leopard definitely had a lot of fun and it was hard giving it back this morning! Mine don’t tend to collect twigs, I really had to force them this time – they’re more obsessed with leaves. Twigs are a refreshing change 🙂


  2. Gorgeous photos from your walk. Looking back at these you must question why you were reluctant to wrap up and embrace the cold? I think it is all a state of mind and having a purpose to a walk is a good idea. I often create scavenger hunts, nature trails or treasure hunts on the farm to engage the children. As they grow up I’m sure this stays the same, it becomes an ice cream at the destination point or as I’m now discovering a pint! We all need a little incentive, but that’s fine if it gets you wrapped up and out. Sounds like those woodland Nature Detective ideas were just the ticket.

    Thank you for joining me for #CountryKids

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    1. Thank you! Yes I always love it once we get out. I think I was just having a bad few weeks! Your scavenger and treasure hunts always look amazing, I will have to try setting up a treasure hunt as they love geocaching (though not finding the treasure can then be disappointing for them) and finding things in the woods! #countrykids


  3. Ah, you can’t beat sticks! I always found that having a purpose helped hugely when the boys were younger, it gave them a focus and lots more enthusiasm. My daughter however just loves being outside, not that she would say no to a task! Lovely photos x #countrykids

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  4. Beautiful photos of A and E enjoying being outdoors. Having a focus for a walk does help a lot, doesn’t it? Collecting sticks is a favourite with my girls too – hadn’t thought of encouraging them to find different ones though. Looks like the leopard was having fun along the way too 🙂 #countrykids


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