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Shaving Foam Marbling

I hate Valentine’s Day. Of all the commercial “celebrations” it is, to me, by far the most pointless waste of money. But A spent most of last week doing heart-related activities at pre-school and it made me want to join in at home; I can’t resist doing heart-themed crafts as I do love to celebrate love. I just like to do it at all times of year. Therefore, it is purely coincidental that we did this just a few days before Valentine’s Day! Anyway, we decided to do some shaving foam marbling.

Shaving foam marbling is one of my favourite ways to paint and it suits both A and E in their own ways! It can be very messy (though E proves that it doesn’t have to be), and the resulting paintings are all completely unique. Therefore it is the perfect craft for celebrating the unique love that we have for each unique person in our lives (or at least that is the cheesy slant that I put on it this time)!

In order to do this you will need: shaving foam, paint (we used red and pink for our “love” theme), heart-shaped card (again, for the “love” theme), and lollipop sticks. I have found that the best container for this activity is a baking tray, as it vaguely contains the mess. However, it could always be done on a grand scale in a tuff spot if you didn’t mind said mess!


Start by filling the baking tray with shaving foam. Feel free to play with it if you have nothing better to do while you wait!


Squeeze paint into the shaving foam:

Use a lollipop stick to put swirls into the paint/shaving foam mixture; you are aiming for a fairly even marbling effect, and don’t want to mix the paints too well.


Once you are happy with your marbling, plonk the card (heart-shaped or otherwise) into the mixture, and press down:

Remove the card from the paint and place it on a flat surface (this surface will get very messy, so I recommend another baking tray if you have one to hand, and not the bare dining table like we did).

Then, take a clean lollipop stick and scrape the residual shaving foam off the card. This is the trickiest part of this whole activity; A was determined to do it herself (and managed ok), but E asked for help here. It is better to scrape across the entire piece of card in one foul swoop (and then repeat), than to stop and start across the card; stopping and starting reduces the marbling effect and just leaves a series of lines (where you have stopped and restarted) instead.

Leave the card to dry while you get messy (if you wish)!

A got stuck straight in (I literally couldn’t stop her), whereas E tentatively poked at the mixture with a lollipop stick, running to wash his hands every few minutes when the slightest bit dared touch him! A, on the other hand, had no problem covering herself (and then the rest of the house).

Anyway, back to our paintings:


I think the finished hearts look so lovely, and would make perfect, unique, Valentine’s cards (if you were so inclined)! What do you think?

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