Craft · Winter

Wintry Picture

A few weeks ago I challenged A to create a wintry picture. (I also challenged E, but he wasn’t interested)!

I provided her with some black card, white paint, twigs that we collected on a walk, cotton wool, silver glitter, and starry sequins as a starting point, and then asked what she would like to make a picture of.


Once she had studied all of the items, she explained what she would like to do in great detail. She realised that she would need some buttons and some PVA glue, and so I added those in too!

She decided that the first thing she wanted to do was cover the twigs in glitter, so she dipped them in PVA glue and then sprinkled them with the glitter.


We left the twigs to dry for a few hours before going back to finish it. The final picture was a twinkly, snowing night, complete with snowman:


Have you made any wintry pictures lately?

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